Welcome to Giveaways exclusive Rewards Program, where your loyalty is celebrated and rewarded! Designed with you in mind, our program offers an array of exciting benefits and perks crafted to enhance your experience with us. Whether you're a frequent shopper, a dedicated member, or a passionate supporter, our Rewards Program is your gateway to a world of special privileges, personalized offers, and unforgettable experiences. Join us on this rewarding journey and unlock a treasure trove of benefits tailored just for you. Discover the power of appreciation and start earning rewards today!

How it works


Sign up or log in to start earning straight away.


Automatically collect points with every purchase.


Redeem your points for discount codes.

Earn points for every order placed

The more you spend, the more you save.

Redeem points for rewards

Redeem points on your next purchase, or save them up for higher value rewards.


    • Min spend. $0
    • Boosted Points
    • Competitions
    • $5 Off Coupon
    • 1000 Points
    • Boosted Points
    • Competitions
    • $10 Off Coupon
    • 2000 Points
    • Boosted Points
    • Competitions
    • $20 Off Coupon
    • 5000 Points
    • Boosted Points
    • Competitions
    • $50 Off Coupon
    • 10000 Points
    • Boosted Points
    • Competitions
    • Giveaways Merch
    • $100 Off Coupon
    • 50000 Points
    • Boosted Points
    • Competitions
    • Giveaways Merch
    • $500 Off Coupon


Find the most frequently asked questions below.

Once you become a member of The Club, you can start earning rewards immediately based on your tier level.

Yes, rewards expire 12 months after your membership anniversary year. Remember to use your rewards before they expire to maximise their benefits.

All customers start on the Bronze Tier & then as you spend move up to, Silver, Gold, Platinum or Diamond tiers. To move up to higher tiers, you need to accumulate a certain amount of spending in one calendar year. For example, you need to spend $1,000.00 during the year to reach Gold.

When you refer a friend to Giveaways, and they place an order, both you and your friend will receive a $10 off coupon with a $20 min spend. This is a special acknowledgement for spreading the word about us.

You can earn points in several ways, such as creating an account on our website (50 points), liking our Facebook (50 points), following our Instagram (50 points), following our TikTok (200 points) and placing orders (5 points for every $1 spent).

You can redeem your points for various rewards, including online coupons ($5 off, $10 off, $15 off or $20 off), order discounts ($1 - $10 per order)