The Giveaways membership is a great way to get access to our member offers. It’s a monthly subscription that gives automatic access to all of our promotions & secures your spot in every giveaway. This is all from $19 per month and you can cancel anytime.

Trade Permit numbers are numbers associated to Giveaways.com.au in order to conduct our promotions in Australia. Our applications have been lodged with the relevant Government bodies.

No, we offer one-time packages, but members gain automatic entries into every promotional draw PLUS gain bonus accumulating entries the longer they remain a member.

Yes, ticket numbers are generated the second your order is successfully placed. Your ticket numbers are immediately emailed to you & also can be found in your account under order history. Members receive new ticket numbers each time a new draw goes live.

Yes! You just need to be an Australian resident and provide all your details when you purchase your package.

Giveaways.com.au is a registered business and provide all our public government and business registration details on our website. We also provide all our Giveaway licences and permits that hold us liable. We draw prizes using certified methods & prizes are handed off to the successful winner at the completion of each draw.

Winners are drawn using a government certified random draw software. All major draws are presented live on our Facebook page & winners are contacted via phone.

We’ll publicise the draw time and location, as well as stream it live, so the winner(s) will be announced then and there. If your name is drawn, we’ll call you straight away with the good news!

No, at this time our giveaways are only open to Australian residents.

Yes, you can enter the draws as many times as you wish to increase your chance of winning!

Monthly. You can cancel anytime.

Yes, you can be a member & also purchase one-time entries to increase your chances of winning!

Yes, you can cancel anytime via your account.

No, all of our draws are live streamed & the winners are notified via phone call.

You can upgrade or downgrade your membership at anytime. The number of tickets will reflect your change in membership package.

You will receive an email notification with your ticket numbers. Members receive entries into every draw & newly generated numbers are emailed & displayed in your account.

No, the PRIZE number plate is not included. It is used for marketing of the vehicle only. Prior to handover of the vehicle to the winner, we will change the plates.